Member Update: Thursday 24th September 2020

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Following the recent Government announcement on Tuesday 22nd September we shall now be operating the club in adherence to all new national restrictions and with the following measures in place.

Please ensure you have read and understood how we must operate. The club is liable to fines if we do not operate within the new restrictions.

The latest restrictions imposed nationally will change the club’s operation from Thursday 24th September.

What are the changes?

In summary and from Thursday 24th September:

  • The club will be operating with table service only.
  • Masks must be worn when walking or standing for any reason inside the club. This includes entering the club until seated at a table, leaving the club, toilet visits and playing snooker or pool.
  • Our opening hours have changed and access to the club has been extended on certain days.

We shall be operating in accordance with the new safety measures and operating procedures also set out below. 

AND at all times we expect members to respect the safety measures and 2 metre social distancing when in the grounds of the club and inside the club house. Failure to do so will result in members being refused any further use of the premises and asked to leave the club premises.

Visiting the Club from Thursday 24th September 2020

Our bar opening hours have been updated to reflect the new national restrictions:

  • Tues: 6pm – 10pm
  • Thurs: 6pm – 10pm
  • Fri: 3pm – 10pm
  • Sat: 1pm – 10pm
  • Sun: 12pm – 10pm

The bell for last orders will be rung at 9pm with the last drinks served at 9:45pm prompt. All members are to vacate the club by 10pm, this will be strictly controlled due to the fines and / or closure that could be imposed upon the club if we breach the restriction.

The club house will also now be available for snooker / pool practice and to use the toilet facilities only on:

  • Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10am – 10pm.

The club house will be closed entirely on Mondays and Wednesdays.

All club based entertainment and activities: Bingo, Quiz nights etc. will all commence approx 1 hour earlier than usual due to the changes in the bar opening times.

PLEASE NOTE: These hours will be monitored and may be reduced or extended as necessary in accordance with demand.

1. Your Current Health

First and foremost, if you or a member of your household feel unwell or have any of the publicised symptoms of COVID-19 please stay away from the club. 

2. Entering the Club House, Registering & Finding a Table

We are operating the preferable ‘2 metre’ Social Distancing Plan inside the club as much as possible, taking risk mitigation seriously.

  • Please enter the club with your face mask on and continue to wear until you are seated at a table.
  • A one-way system is in place to enter and exit the premises. You must use the hand sanitiser station on entry inside the club and the direction of flow is through the right hand door into the snooker room, then on towards the separately designated areas of the bar.
  • Please sign in on the Track and Trace register*.
  • Find a vacant table.
  • Tables should not be used by more than 6 people at any one table.
  • Once at your table and sat down you can remove your mask.
  • A waiter will come to the table, ask for your drinks order, your membership card and how you intend to pay (we ask that you use card payments).
  • Your drinks will be placed on a tray on the table for you to take. The waiter will then request payment and complete the transaction.
  • Our staff have been provided with face masks, protective gloves and hand sanitiser. Face masks will be worn when preparing drinks.
  • Empty glasses are to be left on your table – they will be picked up and returned to a cleaning area by staff.
  • You should re-order drinks with the waiter.
  • When exit the club or using the toilets you should use the one-way system.
  • Please also note the TV/Darts room will not be available for use.

*Also see Point 8. Track and Trace.

3. Sitting at Your Table 

We will be limiting our capacity to the table space available within the club with 2m distancing between each in place.

Sitting at Tables – Max 6
All members should be seated at tables at all times in groups of no more than 6.

The new law of the ‘Rule of 6’ means that groups of 6 people from the same or different households are the maximum allowed together, both inside and outside.

No standing allowed as this can disrupt the club’s capacity for social distancing. We need to be thoughtful of each other and give each other space. Obvious exceptions are for those members playing a game of snooker/pool who must now wear a mask, when taking shots.

Spectators must be seated at tables.

Even if you visit the club with a member from your own household, please do not re-arrange any furniture as all tables and seats have been carefully placed at measured distances and in accordance with the above measures.

4. Using the Toilets

Due to the size of the toilets we will limit the number of people in the toilets to 1 person at a time.

The Gents toilet in the snooker room will be closed and male members should follow the one-way system to the disabled toilet in the main function room.

When not in use, the main doors to the toilets are to be left open to signify they are available. When using the toilet, please close the main door to signify there is a toilet in use and open again when exiting.

5. Using the Snooker and Pool Table

All players must maintain 2 metre distance from each and wear face masks during the game, when taking shots.

Players must use their own cues.

6. Signage and Sanitiser Stations

Appropriate distancing signage is on display alongside banners, lane queuing, floor symbols and posters to inform and remind members about the safety distance measures in place.

Hand sanitiser will be readily available around the club and we encourage regular hand washing.

7. Cleaning Plan

We have developed a thorough cleaning plan, extra cleaning and anti-viral agents will be used regularly at identified touch points e.g. door handles etc.

8. Track and Trace

Due to Government requirements on contact tracing everyone will be required to leave their full name and the last 3 letters of their postcode. This is in the event the authorities request the information. We can then trace every member address through the membership database. This is a condition of operating that we MUST comply with.

9. Tennis Section
The new ‘Rule of 6’ has also impacted on the way members can use the tennis courts in that by law no more than six people can meet up and/or play together on the courts.
However, two separate doubles games, involving eight players, can still be played on the two courts simultaneously, provided that the two groups of four arrive and depart separately and remain in their separate groups at all times.
It is therefore important for members using the online court booking system to stagger their court booking times to avoid starting or ending at the same time as the adjacent court. It should also be noted that the latest LTA guidance, which has been approved by Government, allows larger numbers to partake in organised activities, such as competitions, providing that the venue has fully implemented a COVID-secure policy, which our tennis section committee has worked hard to achieve.

10. Bowls Section
New guidance is now in place in the bowling section. Players to contact the section Chairman for an update.


Thanks for your support and co-operation during this time.

It’s new territory for all of us and we’re trying our best to open the club as safely as possible with the guidance that’s been provided and of course all using our own common sense.

If you have any questions at all please email us on and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.