About Us

Norbreck Bowling and Tennis Club (as it is known today) plays an important role in the lives of many local people. Its foundations in the community were laid in October 1931, when the land owner Mr Walter Spencer set out to build a community centre for the local neighbourhood.

Today the club boasts superb facilities including a beautifully maintained green, two refurbished all weather tennis courts, snooker room with two full size tables, large bar and function room and more.

Visit the What’s On page for a look at the club calendar. Alternatively read on to learn the very interesting history of Norbreck Bowling and Tennis Club.

History of the Club

Norbreck Bowling and Tennis Club small logo
The club was originally built by Mr Walter Spencer in October 1931. This was coincidental with the houses being built on Clovelly Ave. He had to get 40 people to join before he could start the Club and called upon his workmen to become members. If not they lost their jobs!!!

Consequently they all joined and with the local neighbours, the membership grew and a Committee was formed.

The Club in those days, was on what is now the larger Clovelly Avenue car park. Eventually, before World War II, the Club house was built where it stands today.

The snooker tables were donated by 2 members and still exist today.

The strength of the Club in 1938 was 250 members and there was a waiting list.

The house at 27 Delphene Ave was purchased in 1940 for £1761 and has been the home of all of the Club’s Stewards since that time.

Several events were held to support the war effort and during the war the dance room was used by the American forces for recruitment purposes.

To this day you can still see the bottoms of the partition posts in the dance floor where they were sawed off.

At one point the Club was a Limited Company and the Club’s coat of arms was the former Bispham with Norbreck Council coat of arms (logo above).

The present bar was built in 1962 at a cost of £1440 and the present bowls and tennis huts were built for £2000.