Coming soon.

It may have come to the notice of one or two that we’re doing some work on the Clovelly Avenue car park.

We’re putting in a Petanque add to our facility. This will be for our members to use all year round but also something that will keep the social side of things ticking over during the winter months. When bowling and tennis draws to an end we do offer quite few indoor options of games etc., but as we all know, winter gives us plenty of nice, sunny days albeit not as warm as summer, where there should be plenty of opportunities to give Petanque a go.

We’ll keep you updated on progress. In the meantime let’s tell you about Petanque

If you’ve not heard of the game Petanque?

The manner of play is not unlike bowls except It’s played with steel boules instead of bowls. The playing surface is also different, as it’s played on a hard, gravel surface and the boules are thrown rather than rolled.

Scoring is also slightly different but once you’ve had a couple of tries it becomes easy.

Playing The Game
In singles, each player has three boules, in doubles and trebles, each player has two boules,

The jack is a small wooden ball around 1 1/2 inches in diameter, players
draw lots to decide who goes first
Players when pitching must stand within a circle roughly 18 inches in diameter.
All players must keep both feet on the ground and within
this circle when throwing

The first player throws the “jack” which must land between 6 and 10 metres away followed by one boule.
Player 2 then throws their boule, if it is nearer the jack than player1, then player1 throws again until they either beat player 2 or run out of boules.
Player 2 then throws their remainder of boules. It isn’t as complicated as it might sound, honest!
The winning score is the number of boules from, one of the teams, nearest the jack
Scoring is the same as for Lawn Bowls – the winner of the leg
scores one point for each boule that is closer to the target than
the opponent’s best boule.

The team that reaches 13 points first, wins