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We now have a Defibrilator located at the club just outside our main door.


The defibrillator is in a secure box located outside the front door and is now registered for use within our local community.

If club members need access to the defibrillator please follow this process:

  • 1. Dial 999 to inform emergency (Ambulance) services of help required and location of patient using postcode FY5 1RZ.
  • 2. The emergency services will inform you of the location and access keycode to open defibrillator cabinet.
  • 3. Dispatch someone to get defibrillator from cabinet whilst supporting the patient with any care advised by Ambulance service.
  • 4. The emergency services will continue to support you with instructions on use of defibrillator and any additional patient care required.
  • 5.  The organisation where the defibrillator is registered will inform us by email that the defibrillator has been used so we can replenish pads and battery if required.