Come and try out our new Petanque Court

We’ve recently constructed a new Petanque Court (Piste) to expand our range of summer and winter activities. Like bowls and Tennis this is a great way to excercise and meet up and make new friends.

You can find it on the Clovelly Avenue car park and it’s now open for all club members both Social or Full Sports

The rules of the game are posted lower down the page and also on the court. We also have Boules you can borrow from the bowls hut.

Open every day, just come down and enjoy some lovely fresh air, even on one or more of the nice dry, sunny days we get throughout the winter.

If you choose to play in an afternoon, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday you will find the bar open if you fancy some light refreshment whilst playing.

The Rules of the game.

Pétanque (or boules) is played with two teams with
two sets of differently marked boules.
You can play in teams of two (3 boules each);
three (2 each) or one against one (3 each).

A player from team one stands in the circle
and throws the jack (the wooden boule) to land
6-10m from the circle, a metre away from any
Other object. Team one throws a first boule as close
as possible to the jack.

A player from team two tries
to get a boule closer If successful they ‘have the point’ and play returns team one.
If not, they continue to throw until they do go closer and play passes back to team one

Play continues until one team has played
all their boules.
The other team then throws the rest of
their boules.

The team with the closest boule to the jack wins and gets a point for each of their boules closer to the jack than the other team’s nearest boule.

The winning team places the circle at the other end of the court and throws it to start the next round. Play ends when one team reaches 13 points.