Steve Campbell Memorial Trophy – Sat 20th Aug 10am

On Saturday 20th August we will hold the annual short set open singles competition in memory of former club and tennis team member, Steve Campbell, who sadly died at a relatively young age.

This year we will be playing on our newly refurbished artificial grass courts, a great chance to come and see them if you’ve not done so already.

Anyone who can serve and rally is welcome to enter – just turn up on the day and put your name down during the players’ warm-up between 10:00 and 10:30 am.

There is a £2 entry fee and participants are invited to bring a small amount of food for a Jacob’s Join buffet.

It is an open singles competition, with no handicaps. Each match played will comprise of one short set – the winner will be the first to reach 4 games. It will be a round robin format, so everyone will get to play at least three short sets.

There will be a range of ability levels, young and old, so whilst participants will get the chance to test themselves against the club’s best players, there will also be some less challenging matches.

The round robin matches will take place throughout the morning and early afternoon, followed by the more serious semi-final and final matches later in the afternoon.

Spectators are welcome to come and watch some excellent tennis.

Steve’s family will be present throughout the day so come and say hello and maybe have a drink in Steve’s memory!