Bowling: Sunday Competition Dates

You can find all these dates on our Crown Green Bowls page along with a list of last year’s winners, Officials and Team Captains.

The second competition this year will be a scramble on Sunday 7th May which is actually the ‘Coronation’ weekend. We intend to somehow ‘theme’ the competition along those lines. This year it will be called the …..
Howe/Brine ‘Coronation’ Scramble.

Bass Mixed Doubles  23 April
Howe/Brine Scramble  (Coronation)   7 May
Chris Newton Singles                        28 May
Thwaites Pairs                                18 June
Webb/Ladies Merit                          9 July
Millennium Pairs                               23 July
President’s Trophy                         6 Aug
Rex & Carol Scramble                    27 Aug
Vets Singles                                  10 Sept
Dickinson/Billington Scramble        24 Sept